12 You shall eat it as a barley cake, having baked it in their sight over human dung.” – Ezek. 4:12

The choices we make have consequences. Ezekiel had the tasks of illustrating to Israel the consequence of turning away from God. Like pulling one end of a rope causes the other to move, so when we live outside of God’s will, we choose unrighteousness. It isn’t normal to cook over human dung; it’s just nasty. But when people turn from their God, they do something similar to themselves spiritually. By their choices, they defile themselves in the filth of the world.

When Israel turned from God, the consequence was the terrible judgment of foreign captivity. Without the true worship, they lived among the the pagans with all of their pagan practices. Everything in that world, from the worship even to the diet, defiled them. It all happened because when they had the chance, they did not live pure and holy in the presence of God.

Everywhere around us is evidence that people have turned from God to live defiled lives. God has been rejected in the home, in the schools, in the government, and even in many churches (by following culture more than God’s Word). Parents are not parenting. Marriages are broken up. Children are raising themselves. The church pews are empty.

Christians can learn from the example of Israel and keep their practices pure. There can be no compromising on the Word of God, no cheapening of marriage, no relaxing of morality, no cooking with dung.

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