Question from Titus 2:10: How do Christians adorn the doctrine of God?

“10 not pilfering, but showing all good faith so that they will adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in every respect.” – Tit 2:10

It is a given that it must have nothing to do with the content, truth or in any way a changing of the infallible message. Rather, it is how that message is presented. It seems the primary adornment before the message is even spoken is the the life we live and the spiritual fruits we display. If we say we are followers of Christ then we must live after his example. The message must be presented in love by a life with apparent spiritual fruit so that the doctrine is properly adorned before the world.
– J. Goss

Anything we adorn ourselves with must be visible to those around us. For example, if I so chose to adorn myself with Native American clothing, I would end up calling a lot of attention to myself because my adornment would be visible to those around me. Adorning ourselves with the doctrine of God is basically the same thing. First, we must read and understand the doctrine. Next, we must apply what we’ve learned to our every day lives. This will be very noticeable to everyone, considering people around us aren’t adorned with God’s doctrine.
– D. Mayfield

I believe Jason is correct with his statement “it is how that message is presented.” As we can see from Titus 2 before Paul writes that they must adorn the doctrine of God he gives them specifics on how to conduct themselves. I think you can even look back to the elder qualifications in chapter 1 as well. If a man knows sound doctrine but does not live in the way that falls under these qualifications he does not adorn the doctrine but deludes those watching him what the true doctrine is and cannot represent the church as an elder. The verses following 2:10 indicate that we should put away worldly passions and practice certain disciplines. The adornment comes through a life of disciplining the heart, body, mind, and soul to follow and faithfully accept the doctrine which God has given us.

Secondly, I would look to the last verse in chapter 2. Someone who adorns the doctrine is willing to defend it and stands firm on it. Paul says we must be willing to, declare, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. The passion behind someone who feels this way about the gospel will show others the beauty true beauty of its message. It is similar to a man defending his wife or a soldier their country. They adorn either through their sacrifice.

Lastly I turn over to Psalm 1 and I am reminded of the Psalmist’s language toward the Law. Even though the law was viewed by many as a set of rules and regulations this psalmist finds delight in the law. Is living by God’s commands a burden to us? If so then we needed to change our outlook to realize that God’s word is a beautiful thing that brings us life. It goes beyond words on a page but his doctrine is living and breathing. This psalmist is so engulfed in the law that it has become his identity (and in his law he meditates day and night). The Lord’s precepts guides each step that he makes (Psalm 119:105 says the same). I write all this to go back to Titus 2:11. “For the grace of God has appeared bringing salvation for all people.” How much can I as a human adorn a doctrine that is so beautiful? I believe that by adorning the doctrine of God our Savior we are simply taking away our selves so and living as he commands so that his doctrine’s beauty my somehow be shown through us.
Thanks for reading. Please correct me where I’m wrong.
– B. O’Quin

As for Titus 2, my preliminary thoughts were similar to Jason and it is how we live our lives every day that we wear “adorn” the doctrine. Other people can see our actions and what we do and that is ultimately a reflection on Christ and His gospel. This doctrine was given to us by Christ and he is our ultimate example (teacher). Luke 6:40, “but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher”. So, our goal is to be like our Teacher and be “clothed with Christ” (Gal.3:27).
– K. Gates

What first struck me is the same as everyone else stated, that Paul is telling the Christians they should live in such a manner as to not bring shame to God’s Teaching and that we should have it engulf us and we are to put it on so that it is shining forth in every part of our lives. There is no better way of stating what Paul meant then what Blake said. I will make, however, a feeble attempt to add to it. Paul tells us here in Titus 2:10 to adorn the doctrine of God. I believe this message is not only taught here but in other passages of Paul’s as well. He tell us that for him to live is Christ (Phil 1:21) What does that mean except that if Paul would of lived Christ and His teachings would of been seen heard and Lived through Him. So we should also share this lifestyle. Everything we do, say think and every reaction, every circumstance we are placed in should reflect Christ. I recently heard a sermon by Tim Lewis on Shining with Joyful Purpose. He Showed how Paul and Silas used a situation, in which they could of been sad miserable and rightfully had self pity, to live for and adorn the Doctrine of God. (Acts 16:16-34) When Paul and Silas where falsely accused and after being striped, and beaten they were cast in to the inner prison and fastened in the stocks they, instead of feeling depressed and complaining, used their circumstance For the teaching of God’s Doctrine. So yes For us to Adorn the doctrine of God we must completely live the way God teaches us to, and what a wonderful blessed way to live, but we must also Use the circumstances that God places us in as an opportunity to adorn the Doctrine of our God.
– G. Cooley

The Gospel or doctrine of God cannot be changed or improved. So to adorn the doctrine of God isn’t like adding superlatives or bonus material to it to “adorn” it and make it more appealing. The “doctrine of God our Savior” is perfect. But the doctrine of God comes to life in a person.

The question we must discover is “how does the doctrine of God look on you?” How does God’s doctrine manifest itself in my life? Is it visible at all? Does it show in my words and is it revealed in my manner of life? The doctrine of God is like a beautifully constructed house or a perfectly tailored suit – it can’t be improved. Now it is time to adorn it by moving into it or putting it on. Do our lives in that home or garment honor or shame it? Is it apparent to others that it’s God house that we dwell in or does the manner in which we live detract from its beauty? The garment is perfect and can’t be improved, but I adorn the garment with a head that is high, a face that is shaven, an attitude that is positive and hopeful, and spiritual hygiene that does not detract from God’s doctrine.

There’s something beautiful and unique about a person who adorns the Good News of Jesus. Children are sweeter and kinder. Mothers and fathers are more attentive and concerned about their children’s future. Dads work harder. Mothers make home a refuge from the world. Our life adorns the doctrine of God as we live the addage, “less of me, more of Thee.” “More of Thee” in our lives is how we adorn the doctrine of God, we make it look good if we live it. And God gets the glory.
– D. Mayfield

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