NO MORE SACRIFICE, Hebrews 10:18,26

Whether we walk with the lord or whether we willfully continue in sin, there is no more offering for sin. The perfect sacrifice has been offered and no other needs be or will be offered. If we are walking with Jesus Christ, under the new covenant there is not another sacrifice for sins. The sacrifices at the temple are unnecessary and meaningless since Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb, has been offered. The Hebrews writer said,

Now where there is forgiveness of these things, there is no longer any offering for sins” (Heb 10:18).

The sacrifice of Jesus brought to an end all others. That’s good news!

On the other hand, the Hebrews writer shows the flip side of this reality reminding the Christians that that if they go on sinning willfully after they have found the truth,

“…there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins” (Heb 10:26).

The conclusion is that there is no other way to have salvation than to believe in Jesus Christ and be faithful to Him. For our salvation there is no other sacrifice that can be offered than what has been already in Jesus Christ. And if a Christian turns away from Christ by turning back to sinful ways, there is no continued blessing from Jesus’ sacrifice. We are all imperfect and need God’s grace. Without an obedient faith in Jesus Christ, there remains no more saving sacrifice for the sins we commit.

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