I notice how creative men get when they want to justify their actions. Worshiping with mechanical instruments is not found in the New Testament. So men look for creative ways to justify their Old Testament worship. Don’t they also have to approve of other Old Testament worship activities? When you open the door to instruments because the Levites used them, then you have no legitimate reason to reject me if I wanted to (which I don’t) offer a goat or lamb to God in my worship. Worship must be pleasing to God and according to spirit and truth (Jn 4:23,24). So men creatively call their instrumental music “entertainment” – they declare that it’s not worship so it doesn’t have to follow the same rules. Funny thing it is sounds like worship and the people producing the music call it praise and worship, but it’s not worship? Hmmm, something tells me this is just the creative justification of following fleshly desires. Below is the graphic I produced by which I illustrate that whatever we do, whether it is work, play, rest, or worship, the Scriptures must be consulted and followed. If you are entertained with music that praises Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father, then it must also follow the Biblical requirements.

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