Happy Birthday, Jesus. We remember Birthdays not to celebrate that we managed to survive another year, but to mark the important event of a birth and the significance of that life to us.

Your Birthday was a wonderful time on a night that even the angels sang a song of glad tidings to the world. We don’t know the exact day no- I’m terrible about remembering birthdays, ha – nor even the exact year, but it is definitely an event worth remembering with your mother, sweet and virtuous Mary giving birth to you, the only begotten of God, while that noble and spiritual Joseph stood close by to protect, provide for, and teach you as his adopted son. Ah, what a great day it is, er, was.

I love you, Jesus. I celebrate your coming into this world to become flesh and to become my Savior. May all who celebrate your birth in this season be more mindful of your gift to us all.

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