Are we really on God’s side? If our attitude about sin and wickedness is touched or colored by modern sensibilities, then perhaps we are not. David said something in the 139th Psalm words which are worth reading again.

19O that You would slay the wicked, O God ; Depart from me, therefore, men of bloodshed. 20 For they speak against You wickedly, And Your enemies take Your name in vain. 21 Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD ? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? 22 I hate them with the utmost hatred ; They have become my enemies.” – Ps 139:19-22

The modern sensibility, even being heard in pulpits and in devotional books is to love, to love and not hate, to avoid such harsh and critical words, to be at peace with those who oppose God. This attitude is dangerous to faith.

The truth is we quite simply will not and can not do God’s work with such an open-minded and non-judgmental attitude. Jesus said we are either on God’s side or we aren’t. He minced no words that you cannot have two masters – you hate one and love the other. If you love the worldly masters, you hate God. And if you love God, then you hate the worldly ones.

Satan is evil and we hate him. The workers of darkness, the wicked who suppress truth and righteousness are enemies of God and we hate them.

Don’t misunderstand or confuse this point. It’s true that God wants evil men to repent and be saved. And we appreciate that, unlike Jonah who resisted preaching to Nineveh, and we don’t hate to the point that we wish for them to be lost. But be clear on this matter than those who are firmly on the side of evil are our enemies because they are God’s enemies until they repent. If we want to be on God’s side and accomplish the work He has ordained for us, we must resist the temptation to be more accepting and forgiving than is God. Resist everything and every attitude that is contrary to God.

David loved God. He was loyal to God. When he saw the wicked blaspheming and perverting the truth, it provoked the spiritual man. It is not unspiritual to be provoked by evil men and their works. We cannot love what they are doing. We cannot see the consequence of their works and feel good. When the Gospel is perverted, we say with Paul, “let them be accursed”, Gal. 1:6-9. David loved God and it hurt him to see men shaking their fist at the authority of God. The evil men hated God and David hated them for it.

This is not unspiritual. The 139th Psalm is so spiritual and so necessary that without such encouragement we all might misunderstand where we are to stand. If the wicked in the world are confused about where we stand, then we are not making it clear. People of faith let their light shine and they are hated by the workers of darkness. They hated Jesus and they will hate His disciples. The words of David are spiritual. They are not the rants of a man who doesn’t have the spirit of God.

Yes, I will say it, I hate the workers of evil. Those who pervert the Truth for their own fleshly interests, I hate.

If we love what God loves and if we love what God hates, how does that help us? It doesn’t.

Don’t misunderstand. We are to speak the truth in love. We are to love our neighbors and do good to our enemies: “heap burning coals on their heads”. But they are our enemies. We are to pray for those who do us evil. We are to be at peace with all men, as much as it depends on us. Don’t misunderstand to think that you have to love evil, not hate it, in order to accomplish these things and have the right spirit.

I’m tired of seeing Christians taking on the attitudes of the world. We won’t get off of our seats until we know and acknowledge in the clearest terms the evil that we face. You do not suit up with the armor of God to make nice with the enemy. It’s warfare. By the weapons of righteousness, we are pulling down strongholds. We are taking every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ. Say Amen if you are on God’s side. Say Amen if you love what God loves and hate what God hates.

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