Then a scribe came and said to Him, ‘Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.’” – Matthew 8:19

The excitement of the moment, at the first hearing of the Gospel, in the grasping of a deep spiritual truth, can so deeply affect us that our life is altered forever. It’s happened zillions – exact figure not available – of times by the power of the Gospel.

Following Christ is life-altering and, whether at first we are aware, it requires a full appraisal of the costs before us. There are many times in our lives when we jump deeply into something only to leave it behind when the luster and reality of it settles in. Following in His steps on a beach sounds fun and cool – who wouldn’t want to be on the beach? But the steps of Jesus go places where there’s sin to be confronted, truth to be proclaimed, forces of evil to be defeated. It’s here that many promises are broken and distance is put between ours and His steps. Following Christ CAN’T be like this.

Jesus lovingly challenged those who say they will follow Jesus. Really? Even if it means there’s no comfy bed to sleep in? Even if your family threatens to cast you out? Following Christ is the greatest decision one can make, but it is costly too. When you say you will follow Jesus, mean it. Understand that His disciples will have enemies in this world. Of course there will be difficulties! Stand firm through it all.

When you said you would follow Jesus, did you mean you would follow in His steps wherever they lead?

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