PROPS (i.e. "proper respect") TO MATTHEW

As Jesus went on from there, He saw a man called Matthew, sitting in the tax collector’s booth ; and He said to him, “Follow Me!” And he got up and followed Him.” – Mt. 9:9

And “he just got up and followed him”, simple as that! How many of us have made such a drastic change in our lives? Collecting taxes one minute, walking with Jesus the next. Selling bread and cakes one minute, preaching the Gospel the next. Participating in the debauchery of the world one minute, cleaning up the next. Hopeless one minute, inspired and lifted up with new purpose the next.

Jesus has issued the invitation to you, “follow Me”, but have you heard it? No matter your position or station in life, to follow Christ will be monumental. Following Christ will change your recreation. Your motives for work will be altered. Your relationships will be stronger in some cases and broken off in others. When we follow Christ, nothing stays the same. The calendar is affected. The movies we watch are changed. The way we look at people is changed.

Jesus said “follow Me”. Have you? Or is Jesus like a novelty or trinket you collect to add to your collection. Do you wear Him like a bracelet or necklace or tattoo, a decoration? Have you only conformed Jesus to your life? Well this won’t do.

Jesus said “follow Me”. Matthew heard the call and he left his little collection booth. He dealt with family for sure. He dealt with friends and associates who wouldn’t understand such zealotry. The conversation of his life changed from night to day. Matthew is our example. Jesus said “come” and Matthew responded.

If you are addicted to internet porn, come follow Jesus and leave that sin behind. If you are double-minded, worshiping on Sunday, but acting like the devil on Monday, come follow Jesus. If your Christian friends don’t see the cursing and swearing that your children do, follow Jesus today. If you work more to please men and if your trust is in money, follow Jesus today. Leave behind the mind of the flesh and fix your mind on the things of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew heard the call from Jesus and it changed his life. Props to Matthew.

Categories: Commitment, discipleship

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