“Tax collectors and sinners were all
crowding around to listen to Jesus.
So the Pharisees and the
teachers of the Law of Moses started
grumbling, “This man is friendly with
sinners. He even eats with them.”
– Lk 15:1,2

This is My Son, My Chosen One; listen to Him!” – Luke 9:35

Through the sleepiness and fear of walking through clouds, through misled promises of devotion, God spoke to Peter, James, and John. His message? Listen to Jesus my Son, my Anointed.

I focus on this because it was to the point and unmistakable. The men hearing this would not go through with building a monument to Moses or Elijah because as the words were leaving Peter’s mouth, God made them to disappear and said for Peter to focus on Jesus and listen to Jesus.

I wonder a couple of things. How many of our religious friends are still being schooled and indoctrinated into building monuments to Moses and Elijah? The “law and the prophets” themselves pointed to Christ, e.g. Deut 18:15-18. And yet many churches make the 10 Commandments the prominent centerpiece of the Christian life – you know it’s true. This is wrong as Christ nailed that cold tablet to the cross in order to establish something better – the law of the Spirit, the law of liberty, the law of faith.

Secondly I wonder if we Christians take to heart the message of God to “listen to Him”? Do we listen to Jesus as a guide for daily life?

Is our worship in spirit and truth, or is our worship patterned according to the desires of unconverted souls? Worship-tainment, the perversion of God’s music and message for the sole purpose of making people feel good and entertain them is as DAMNABLE a practice as gorging on Old Testament sacrifices which were meant to be burned up, as DAMNABLE as taking the incense home that God made holy and for the single use of burning in the Holy Place. If you take God’s name or the name of His Son and craft it in a song for your entertainment, you are guilty. Leave alone what is holy and worship in spirit and truth.

But what about the way we conduct ourselves in the home. Do we listen to Jesus who said if you are a stumbling block to your children, your fate will be worse than if a millstone were tied about your neck and then thrown into the sea! How seriously are mommies and daddies taking their job to bring the children up to know the Lord? Frankly, my experience is not very seriously. I mean look at junior over there. He’s sitting next to his friends on the front row and he’s not singing, not praying, not giving, not listening to the beautiful words of God. He’s somewhere else. He’s a product of the world, not a Christian immersion at home. The transformation is complete for junior who doesn’t love God and would rather be any where else. This is mommy and daddy’s fault because they watched the transformation occur and at most only wrung their hands. Parents, if you buy junior his every want – he’s wearing the “right” clothes – and if you only demand that he get good grades and doesn’t break the law of man but you don’t emphasize even more the necessity and blessing of listening to Jesus, then YOU ARE A STUMBLING BLOCK to your children, and you are guilty.

Jesus has said for the Gospel of the Kingdom to be preached to the whole world. I wonder how many or what percentage of Christians even care about that? Jesus said to preach the Gospel unto all creation and to baptize them all for the remission of sins. Is that our passion? Is that where we put our time and money? Do we care that souls are lost and on the path to eternal hell? God has given us a mission. We must listen to Jesus and carry the message of the cross to the world before it’s too late. People are lost. The greatest need of mankind is the salvation of their soul. If our food and clothing drives and other outreach is not a means to preach the Gospel, then we have turned away from Christ and WE ARE GUILTY of not listening to Christ.

Jesus’ words are being ignored! instead of listened to. Jesus said to keep your marriage covenant. Stay married. He said do not put asunder what God has joined. The marriage covenant is a lifetime covenant, as we rightly say, “for better or for worse.” The high powered preachers who dismiss this are going to answer for the damage they did to the family and to society – as the family goes, so goes the church and the society. Remember the wife of your youth and stay married to her. Remember what Jesus said that for the sake of the kingdom, some people even made themselves Eunuchs in order to avoid the sin of adultery, Mt. 19. Yes, the sexual trespass of adultery is ignored in many churches because the Leaders are cowardly to speak up. They are faithless, too afraid to confront and possibly suffer a financial hit. You can’t forgive a son, you haven’t won your brother, unless he has repented. God doesn’t wash away a sin that is still embraced. Listen to Jesus.

Yes, the words of Jesus are powerful. “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on the earth.” God’s message to us is to listen carefully to Jesus and do it.

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