Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).

God’s name is holy. it is not to be said in vain. To use God’s name – not for calling on Him but to make a buck is a vanity on the order of setting up tables in the temple. Seeing the Dove Awards before and hearing many of these “contemporary Christian artists” (CCA, CCM), I believe they have capitalized on a good thing – the name of God. There might be a kernel of love or appreciation for God in it all, but they have followed the temptation impulse to be in the world too.

Declaring something “Holy!” an admixture of spiritual and fleshly world is rather like plastering Jesus’ name on a bottle of beer and calling it good.
Instruments are divisive and non-spiritual. The history of instruments has been to divide congregations. It’s always the case that the love and passion for instrument is the culprit. “Do you suppose the church can be my venue for advancing a lucrative career in music?” The answer is no, repent and pray that perhaps God will forgive you for your corrupt mind. The lust for the ears and for the eyes is everywhere seen in the industry. Just like in the general entertainment field it is the beautiful people who get the dough, so it is with this special field of CCM. Packaged and marketed to appeal to the flesh. For spiritual people, the hook is the holy names being used. Ha, Southpark did a great parody on this whole thing. Cartman became a huge CC artists.

Other things that are holy besides worship? Our bodies are holy and our lives are to be holy. We are holy temples of God. And we are told to be holy because He is holy. The work of spreading the Gospel is holy – anything that has eternal rewards is holy. Life is holy and to be preserved. Life is a gift from the Lord. Babies are the closest thing to heaven being so innocent and pure. We are warned not to defile them or cause them to stumble, Mt. 18. Marriage is holy, being joined together by God is such a strong bond that it’s not to be torn asunder. In Malachi we learn that the breaking of the covenant of marriage was defiling even the worship they brought.

Keep the holy holy. Be devoted to God because you are to be holy. Resist the temptation to mingle the world and holy things. God bless you.

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