Amos preached about God’s judgment on the nations like Tyre and Ammon, but he also foretold God’s judgment coming on Israel and Judah. Here is a sample of why such severe judgment was coming on Israel,

“9 It is He who flashes forth with destruction upon the strong, So that destruction comes upon the fortress. 10 They hate him who reproves in the gate, And they abhor him who speaks with integrity. 11 Therefore because you impose heavy rent on the poor And exact a tribute of grain from them, Though you have built houses of well-hewn stone, Yet you will not live in them; You have planted pleasant vineyards, yet you will not drink their wine. 12 For I know your transgressions are many and your sins are great, You who distress the righteous and accept bribes And turn aside the poor in the gate. 13 Therefore at such a time the prudent person keeps silent, for it is an evil time.” Amos 5

For injustices and corruption and preying on the poor and taking advantage of the poor God is going to destroy the nation. This is a power thing that occurs when the political elites grant all sorts of rights and privileges to them which accrues to them off the backs of the poor. Government and the wealthy have a responsibility to seek God and to be benevolent to others because they will answer to God. This benevolence cannot be legislated or forced or otherwise there is no change of heart. God wants change of heart. God wants justice and kindness to be in the hearts of each man.

Prosperous nations will not remain prosperous who are not governed by God’s virtues. A quote attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville states what I believe to be true that, “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” How can a nation endure that has no morality. How can a morality have any legitimacy that is not rooted in the Divine? The worldly philosophy that says we are mere animals having no reason or purpose has no basis for morality except one, the stronger may eat the weaker, and “might makes right.” A nation will not stand that attempts to banish all talk and all visibility of God Almighty.

The nations have abandoned God. There’s no thought of God and so there’s no morality. God’s traditional marriage is only for right wing nut-jobs. Parenting has been abandoned in favor of children being raised by the “village”. Ethics in business? Ethics in Government? Ethics in education? It’s a travesty that our nation no longer knows what is right and wrong. Government or Hollywood has become the arbiter of what is right and ethical. It’s a scary time when nations abandon God.

We need an Amos in this world today. We need preachers and bold Christians standing up against immorality. Take a stand today or there may not be a tomorrow. God bless. Dan

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