In marriage, at work, in politics, compromise is held up as noble and virtuous principle. But here is where we need to think because there is a place for compromise and there is a place where it is completely unacceptable.

Take the church of Christ, the first century church, can it compromise with denominations? Of course not? No more than Jesus Christ could compromise with the devil. The Apostle Paul couldn’t compromise with the Judaizers. The Apostle John wouldn’t compromise with the Nicolaitans.  The church wouldn’t compromise with Rome. On matters of doctrine, there’s no room for compromise. On matters of opinion, compromise is a good thing. But when it comes to standing on the Truth, any compromise would mean we give up ground on the Truth. Principled people don’t do that.

In politics, when the decisions are matters of policy and the best way to maintain security, for example, thoughtful men can disagree and they can compromise. But if the compromise means giving up ground on moral issues, and areas that apply to worship, family, moral standings, then we can’t add or take away from God’s Word because compromise would be akin to dealing with the devil.

The devil doesn’t mind giving up some of his goals as long as the opposition is fooled to think it has to also give up some ground. When we deal with the devil, we always lose and he wins. So when it comes to areas of opinion, compromise away. But when the Bible says not to add or take from it, compromise would be sin.

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