I heard it said that as goes the home, so goes the society. The strength of society depends on the home. All of the positives or negatives in the home will be manifested in the culture. If the family is strong, so will be the society. 

God intends for the family to be strong because the good and bad will be manifested in the church family. If dad and mom are holy and if they exemplify the christ-like spirit towards all family members, that spirit will be part of the larger church family. Similarly, if the family is fractured and materialistic, then that spirit will be felt in the larger church family.

Paul said to Timothy to “show yourself an example of those who believe”, and that he wrote to Timothy “so that you will know how to conduct himself in the household of God”, 1 Tim. 3:15; 4:12. Our private lives must be holy because we are always influencing others. If the young preacher is holy at home, then it will show in the church. If the Elders are holy at home and work, then it will show in the church. If mothers are the sweet and gentle spirit that pleases God in the home, then that spirit will be part of God’s church.

Indeed it is true that as goes the family, so goes the church. The world is seeing the breakdown of the family and the god-designed home. This breakdown and dysfunction will lead to the breakdown of our society. But the church is to be “the pillar and support of the truth” that shows the lost world the way, 1 Tim. 3:15. If we are light and salt in a society that’s imploding and decaying, then we will show some the way back to God’s design for the home, church, and society.

So don’t change and don’t waiver in your faith in God. Be holy at home. Be holy fathers. Be holy mothers. Provide for your children a sanctuary where God’s voice is heard and a place that is a shelter and refuge from the corruptions of the world. Jesus needs a holy church to accomplish His will in this world. And for the church to be according to God’s will, the family must be holy. God is counting on you. Spoken in love. Dan

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