Why do children go astray? The attacks from Satan are everywhere. And parents are doing little to nothing to counter the attacks on their precious souls. Christian parents are not paying attention.

Yes, I see your children listening to ungodly music. I see they are going to R-rated movies. Their peers are having greater influence on their taste and values that you are. Do we think that an hour on Sunday morning can checkmate the assaults on the children? That you have no real game plan to bring your children through this maze of immorality in the world is too apparent. And I do sympathize, but still there’s no excuse.

The latest article from Imprimis, link below, is about the attacks in youth literature which you would think would be safe. it’s not. The author says of Youth rated material, “books aimed at readers between 12 and 18 years of age—a subset that has, in the four decades since Young Adult became a distinct category in fiction, become increasingly lurid, grotesque, profane, sexual, and ugly.” In other words, it’s dangerous for the souls of our children.

Here’s an excerpt provided in the Imprimis link given as an example of youth approved reading: “he finds himself facing a wall of horrors, 

A teenaged boy is kidnapped, drugged, and nearly raped by a male captor. After escaping, he comes across a pair of weird glasses that transport him to a world of almost impossible cruelty. Moments later he finds himself facing a wall of horrors, “covered with impaled heads and other dripping, black-rot body parts: hands, hearts, feet, ears, penises. Where the f— was this?” That’s from Andrew Smith’s 2010, Young Adult novel, The Marbury Lens

Despite the clear danger to our youths, parents won’t equip themselves. They are too busy reading their own books like 50 Shades of something or other and with watching something about Thrones on cable TV to feel right enough to prevent their children from doing the same. God is going to judge a lot of parents, even Christian parents, because they lived this way and were stumbling blocks to their children. 

My lessons this week will revolve around the topic of living right in the sight of God. One of the reasons for doing so is to give our children an example to follow. Do we think we can mock God? Do we think we can escape if we rebel against God? Certainly we can’t. From Isaiah 64:7, we read “you have hidden your face from us, and have DELIVERED US INTO THE POWER OF OUR INIQUITIES.” If we do not stop our sin and repent, we cannot hope to bring our children to God. A little sin justified by the parent will be picked up by the children who will multiply that sin. God will hold these parents accountable and they will be DELIVERED INTO THE POWER OF THEIR INIQUITIES. Do not let your children go astray.

Said with love and great concern. Dan Mayfield


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