“My husband and I were never separated in life and why should it different after his death. I wanted him to be with me wherever I go so what better way than to have his ashes made into a stunning diamond. It sparkles so much just like he did. Most people have never heard of LifeGem and when I tell them they all think it is a wonderful idea. It gives me comfort to know he is always with me. I found all the information I needed on the internet and if I needed to speak to someone personally, staff were very helpful and very professional. My diamond is next to my heart so I know we will never be parted. Thank you for everything. – Judith Owens (wife ) “

Yes you can have your loved ones cremation remains turned into a beautiful diamond so that you can wear your husbands remains. “Oh that’s a beautiful and exquisite diamond. Where did you get it?” “My husband died and I had LifeGem turn him into a diamond. I always wanted my husband to be a diamond and now he is. I turned that old chunk of coal into a diamond. Now my husband is perfect.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t say this was right or wrong, but it reminds me of something that contradicts a common narrative that the world must be billions of years old because it takes millions of years to make a diamond. I was hearing a diamond commercial yesterday said it took millions of years to create the gem. But we know that coal and diamonds are from carbon and they can be made very quickly. This weakens the dating system of the godless liberal left that says the universe “SEEMS” so old, so it must be billions of years old.

Remember what Solomon said, “there’s a way that SEEMS right to a man, but it’s end is the way of death.”, Pro 14:12.

Schools are teaching more than reading and math. The GOVT. School SYSTEM is teaching a lot of what SEEMS to be. Do we want to SEEM to be unkind to children who have gay parents? Do we want to SEEM to be unkind to human beings? Do we want to SEEM to be unscientific or ignorant of the world? Of course we don’t. Therefore because something SEEMS OK, men say it is OK. Doesn’t it SEEM petty to be making a big deal that we not play musical instruments in worship? Doesn’t it seem wrong to say that someone isn’t saved when it SEEMS they have done everything God said to do except for getting in the water? Doesn’t it SEEM that these people are just as righteous and pious as we who insist on baptizing people for remission of sins.

We cannot act on what SEEMS right to us. God’s always right. God’s Word and every statute is right and so is the person that does what God says, Hosea 14:9; Ezekiel 18:25; Psalm 19:8; 119:128; 33:4. Ezekiel 18:5-9 says that the man that follows all the commands of God is right. He doesn’t just SEEM right, he is right because God makes him right.

There are many parents today who follow the lead of the world when it comes to what SEEMS right in parenting and worship. “It SEEMS better to have my children listening to Contemporary “Christian” Rock rather than listening to Country music. Why do you have to be such a ‘Pharisee’?” “It SEEMS like we don’t have to be ultra-religious and beat our children over the head with the Bible. It SEEMS that there is a place for balance.” The question is are we doing what SEEMS right in our own eyes? If we are not doing God’s will, the end is the way of death.

Years ago we knew a young man who was dabbling in pornography and the parents had the attitude that it’s better than going out and getting in trouble and “boys will be boys”. The mom and dad here were doing what SEEMS right to them. As a Christian parent of five children, their attitude was shocking. We know that SEEMINGLY harmless web porn – versus going out and doing meth or sleeping with prostitutes, for example – is not harmless at all. Bro. Brad Harrub and many others have been writing on the destructive influence porn is having on our important relationships. Doesn’t it also SEEM that God said to not look upon pornography, Mt 5? Doesn’t it SEEM that women shouldn’t be objectified like this? Doesn’t it SEEM that it’s wrong and evil to be looking upon the naked body of someone’s mother, sister, daughter?

Let’s make sure that we aren’t doing what SEEMS right to a man. Don’t let the world tell your children what is right and wrong based on what they DEEM right or wrong. God says what we are to DEEM right so that we don’t do what think SEEMS right.

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