Isaiah 59 is a powerful chapter on God’s salvation in a depraved world. While it offers a dismal picture of man, there’s a bright light of hope. There are a faithful few who are victims like Lot in a godless, secular world, who recognize, “9 Therefore justice is far from us, And righteousness does not overtake us; We hope for light, but behold, darkness, For brightness, but we walk in gloom.” 

Even God knows how difficult this is for the faithful few when he says, “15 Yes, truth is lacking; And he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey....” The evil world attacks the person who risk it all to walk righteously. 

This injustice bothers Almighty God who then says, “16b, Then His own arm brought salvation to Him, And His righteousness upheld Him. 17 He put on righteousness like a breastplate, And a helmet of salvation on His head; And He put on garments of vengeance for clothing And wrapped Himself with zeal as a mantle.

But from where will this light come? From whom will come this salvation? He says, “20 A Redeemer will come to Zion, And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob,” declares the LORD.” When Redeemer comes, he will be born of a virgin. He will sit on the throne of David and will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Eternal Father, Isaiah 7:14; 9:6,7. 

Isaiah says of this one, from the line of Jesse, “4 But with righteousness He will judge the poor, And decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth; And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.” Isaiah 11

When Redeemer, the Christ, Emanuel God with us came, He righted the wrongs and paved the path of salvation for those souls who turn from evil. He will redeem and defend them.

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