‘They walked after emptiness and became empty’, Jer. 2:5. 
Just as in Jeremiah’s day, men today value junk and see no value in precious things. The natural, biological, and god-designed home with daddy and mommy is mocked and derided but men will fight to see that two lesbians can have marriage benefits. These people don’t know that they walk after emptiness. Little innocent babies inside of mother, having fingers and toes, a beating heart, and have nerves that feel pain, these are called trash. But the same people will shut down the economy to save a supposed endangered species. Children’s books are often telling children that science has found a new creature science didn’t know existed or that suddenly it was found after being thought to be extinct. Men do not value their souls but they will chase after the flesh if it satisfies and gives instant gratification. What Jeremiah addressed could be addressed all over again because men have to learn again with each generation. And man today who has rejected God is empty.

Later in Jeremiah it says, “My people have changed their glory for that which does not profit”, and, “They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that hold no water.” Jer. 2:11,13.

Evolution is emptiness. Yet it is part of the education system. Much of science is emptiness. When every human weakness is classified as a disease that can be fixed with a pill, that’s emptiness.

The Bible says there was a worldwide flood but the godless society sneers and mocks it as ridiculous. But scientists tell us that the Martian terrain was shaped by a massive flood of water though no water can be found. Where are the oceans of water on Mars? But that makes more sense than what the Bible says happened on this planet that is 3/4 water! Scientists reject that God created life but they will posit that life here might be the work of aliens who long ago seeded this planet. Truly Jeremiah was right that men will ‘walk after emptiness and become empty.’

How are the godless that populate high places in our land any different from those Jeremiah spoke to? He said of them, “Who say to a tree, ‘You are my father.’ And to a stone, ‘You gave me birth’.” Jeremiah could have been addressing our leaders in science and education.

Parents, don’t let these blind fools (Ps 14:1) have their way with your children. They will defile and pollute the minds of the youth with their emptiness. They will encourage your children to be sexualized at the youngest possible because this is what animals do. Parents do not trade your child’s soul for a little bit of comfort and acceptance. Remember that there is a God in heaven who sees all things. Live to please Him and do not accept the lies of the ungodly. They have only empty cisterns to offer in return for the eternal truths and promises of God.

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