David says, “My God, MY God, why have you forsaken me?”, Ps 22:1. We know that God did not forsake David. David certainly went through many trials but God did not forsake him. Even when David committed terrible sins, God did not forsake him. God the Heavenly Father allows that we are going to go through trials of adversity. The question we have to answer is will we be faithful. David’s own words in the 22nd Psalm shows he had not lost confidence in Jehovah.David says in the same Psalm, “24 For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; Nor has He hidden His face from him; But when he cried to Him for help, He heard.”

God did not forsake David. God did not hide His face from David. God did not ignore his cries. God was with David and God did not hide His face from David. 
So why do men teach that God forsook Jesus and turned His back on Jesus? 
Why would we think that God hid His face from Jesus? Jesus repeats the same Psalm in Matthew 27:46 when He was suffering on the cross. In fact, much of the 22nd Psalm is foretelling the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Understanding the whole Psalm, why do we hear it said at the Lord’s Supper and in Bible classes that God forsook His Son and turned His back on Him? God did not turn His back on Jesus just as God did not turn His back on David.
Jesus had to suffer and God heard it all. “He offered up both prayers and supplications to the One able to save him from death, AND HE WAS HEARD BECAUSE OF HIS PIETY.” Heb 5:7. God did stop the crucifixion because it was all part of the “predetermined plan” of God that Jesus be the “Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”, Acts 2:23; John 1:29. But the Father was with His Son as Jesus died on the cross. Don’t say God turned His back on Jesus.

The point is that we should not feel that God has left us when we are going through trials. Suffering for doing right is part of the plan of God. Living in the light and walking the straight and narrow is not a path that’s shielded from the storms of life. There will be trials. The Hebrews writer said, Jesus “learned obedience from the things He suffered”, Heb. 5:8. God did not forsake Jesus. God saw every second and felt every bit of pain. And God knows what we are going through when the sky is gray and dark. This is the time that we are sustained through our faith.

Do we trust that God is with us during adversity or do we falsely believe that God hides his face and does not hear the cries of His children? In the 23rd Psalm, David said, “4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” Do we believe that God is with us or not when we are going through the valley of the shadow of death? The humanity of man that doesn’t have vision and understanding of God may pray and wish to have the darkness to go away and even in desperation and weakness we may pray if we have been forsaken. We need to ask if our faith in God is right if we run from all adversity or if during that time we begin to question God’s faithfulness. God does not forsake because He is always faithful.

The fact is that we must carry our crosses every day. It’s not when the sun is shining on our face and when everyone agrees with us and when everyone, even our enemy, is giving us praise that our faith is tested. The “proving to be His disciples” is in times of adversity. The example of Jesus was His faithfulness during that time on the cross because He did entrust Himself to the one able to save Him. When you feel alone, know that you are not alone. When you go through various trials, rejoice in them.

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