Many people are told to follow the 10 Commandments. What does that mean? Sometimes people modify the statement, saying, “Nine of the 10 are repeated in the New Testament.” Is that what we are supposed to be preaching? The lesson below – a 2 page PDF which you can print – shows that the Law of Moses, including the 10 Commandments were given to a specific people and it was not given to any other people. But like many other errors which men have heaped onto Believers, calling for people to keep the 10 Commandments is basically teaching people to go back to the Old Law of Moses. Please study all of the verses and learn that being free in Christ, being people of faith, means being freed and released from something that is cold as tablets of stone in order to be joined to something better, something that has better promises in Jesus Christ, Heb 8:6-13. 
This lesson is in PDF format, and is set up to be printed 2 sides, which I printed on card stock for the class. The diagram on the front shows that as far as the Law of Moses is concerned, it is “jew-centric”. I mean by this that it was given to the Jews. It was not given before the Jews. It was not given to the surrounding Gentiles of their day. And after Christ it was not bound upon Jew or Gentile. The “dividing rightly” of the Word of God is essential if we are to truly be people of faith in God’s saving grace. Print and share.

Dan Mayfield 


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