Just like Jesus, only different. That’s what the Satanists want to depict in their proposed statue they wish to have erected at the Oklahoma state capital. Jesus loves children. Satan wants children to think they are loved. Jesus wants the children to be protected and kept innocent. But the goat-headed Devil wants to corrupt their hearts and souls. Just what are the values of this Devil that’s to stand in the Oklahoma capital? Satanists claim they are about freedom and self-development. This is code for anything goes. Satanists are always seeking to be understood in a secular society; they wish to be accepted. Satanists want to project themselves as a just alternative to Christianity. But they can only advance their goals by deception. In Satanism, there’s no moral standard of conduct. If it had one, it would instantly disqualify itself. As in the garden, Satan is against rules. God is to be disobeyed. Eating the fruit is the path to enlightenment. Such rules from God only stifle true progress according to the thinking of Satanists. 

From the church of Azazel (Satan):
“Satan/Azazel does not demand that we renounce all morality, nor does He demand that we accept a specific morality or anti-morality. Rather, He challenges us to re-think our ideas on morality from the ground up, evaluating what works best and why, rather than blindly accepting our conditioning. Different codes of conduct may work best for different groups in different circumstances.”

Translate this to mean there are no standards. Doing “whatever works for you” makes you god. And what works for you isn’t the standard for another who is to do what works for him. Satanism erodes into a chaotic and mean society. There’s no “evil” act in the world that Satanism can dismiss as evil. What Hitler did was “what worked for him”. Christians who impose a specific standard of right and wrong onto the world are enemies of Satan’s message of self-expression. There’s nothing in Satanism that would say having sex with children or with animals is wrong. The goat-headed god of this world is seen for his lying, deceptions, and devilish immorality which men commit. Satanism is opposed to order and is therefore opposed to a code of laws that hinder “self-expression”. Don’t be fooled by the language of Satanism. The devil intentionally adopts the words or vocabulary of moral people in order to fool some into accepting it as moral. But it’s not moral. “Self-expression” does not mean individual liberty inside the framework of God’s moral law. Instead it means individual liberty to do whatever.

Oklahoma is the target of evil because Oklahoma is a state that’s guided by many virtuous people. Those virtues must be attacked and the people must be corrupted. If this action by the Satanists is not attacked and beaten back, Oklahoma will be as secular and ungodly as San Francisco or New York City.

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