In the Biblical sense, what is “yeast”? 

It is sin, 1 Cor. 5:6ff
It is false teaching, Mt 16:12; Gal. 5:9

Yeast is the leaven of sin. It is the leaven of false teaching. It is the corruption of God’s holy things. The Pharisees’ traditions did nullify the Word of God, Mt 15:1-9. The Corinthian church defiled the pure church by gloating in the sin of one its members.

When the church partakes of the unleavened bread for the Lord’s Supper, it is symbolic of partaking of the sinless Christ who died on the cross. The emblems of the Lord’s Supper remind us of Jesus’ sinless body and of His sinless blood. The symbol reminds us of God’s truth at Calvary and it helps to keep Christians anchored and grounded to the truth.

Do you have a little leaven in your home? Is it creeping in through the influence of the world? Is the leaven of sin entering the church? Baptizing people without calling for them to repent of sin is just how this happens. If someone wishes for baptism to be added to the kingdom, be sure to call on them, as John did, to “bring forth fruits in keeping with repentance.” Don’t be the one that’s responsible for bringing “yeast” into the church or into your home.  The leaven of sin, whether it be the sinful deeds of the flesh or whether it be the introduction of man’s traditions, is to have no place in God’s church family.

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