WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE – It’s time to change

The Centurion who stood at the base of the Cross saw how Jesus died and said “This truly was an innocent man” and “He is the Son of God.” Now when the man who was perhaps directing the hammer that drove the nails into the Son of God realized this, He simply had a choice to make about his future and vocation. Truly for this man, two worlds collided. And one would win and one would lose. When we come to realize that God’s salvation is in Jesus Christ, there are things in this life which we can no longer do. A believer in Christ cannot be an agent for the Light of the World when He is doing harm to the cause of Christ. When the soldier walked down from that rocky crag he was going to be a different man. If he had children he would be telling them about the Son of God. “But daddy, did you kill him?” As tears come down his face he would be honest and tell his children, “I didn’t know until it was too late.” I know that if the Centurion truly believed Jesus was the Son of God he could not be the same as he was before the Cross. What do you do in your life? Is it in conflict with the mission of Jesus Christ? Well, if so, it looks like you have some changes to make. God didn’t say it would be easy to follow Him. Doing right comes with rewards far beyond what this world can offer. So make that change and be true to Jesus Christ because there are some things one simply can no longer do as a Christian. Spoken with love, Dan

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