Wikipedia defines ‘involuntary actions’ as the following:
“An involuntary action is one which occurs without the conscious choice of an organism. If it occurs specifically in response to a stimulus, it will be known as a reflex. Involuntary actions are opposite of voluntary actions that occur because of choice. Involuntary actions may or may not occur with the awareness of the organism performing it. Common involuntary actions displayed by humans and most other mammals are heartbeat, hiccups, digestion, coughing and sneezing. Breathing can also be considered both involuntary and voluntary, since the breath can be held through apnea.”
This definition works very well for explaining how a person becomes a Christian according to John Calvinism. The five tenets assumes a distorted view of God’s ‘Sovereignty’ and a distorted view of man’s fallen nature. The first is absolute so every action is controlled by God and the second is absolute corruption that’s inherited before a human has any say or control of his or her life. If you are a Calvinist, you believe in something that perverts the beauty of the Gospel of Christ.
We are thankful that God has designed the body to have many involuntary actions that require no thinking on our part. But to become a Christian is a choice, Mt 16:26. And God will judge each person on the basis of that choice, 2 Cor 5:10; 11:15; Rom 2:5-11.
Calvinism says that everyone is damned to hell due to no fault on their own. They inherited the lost, depraved condition from their parents by way of the fall of Adam. It isn’t true. Though we inherited pain and physical death as part of the curse described in Genesis 3, we did not inherit their sin and no stain on our soul. Calvin says each person is already separated from God at the time of conception and it is INVOLUNTARY. It’s not a Christian doctrine. But many believe in it.
Calvinism, who I relearned the other day is the father of Presbyterianism, is the one who taught that man is so lost and depraved that he’s completely, entirely unable to give even the slightest twitch of movement or glimpse of thought toward believing and being saved. According to Calvin’s tenets, salvation comes unconditionally and irresistibly to an elect few. The sinner is saved INVOLUNTARILY.
The involuntary servitude of Calvinism is nothing like the voluntary choice to be a bond-servant of Jesus Christ. Hopefully people can see what a devilish doctrine Calvinism is.
People like to say that God’s love and salvation is ‘unconditional’. It’s not true or else we would be stuck with having to believe one of the following: 1] there IS partiality with God (Rom 2:11 says He’s not), or; 2] God is going to save everyone (Jn 5:29 says many will go to hell). God loves the whole world, Jn 3:16. And anyone may come to Christ if they will believe in Jesus Christ, Rom 22:17. The Scriptures say that the plan of salvation by God is what was foreordained. God foreordained that any who believe in the Son may be saved. The person that believes in and obeyes Jesus Christ becomes one of the elect of God. This is possible for every sinner. We are NOT lost by inheritance; instead, we are lost because we all sin like Adam did, Rom. 5:12. Calvinist like to leave off the last three words of that last verse because they don’t fit their doctrine. Spiritual death “spread to all men, BECAUSE ALL SINNED.” And when you sin, you too are spiritually separated from God, Isa 59:1,2. Salvation by God is not unconditional. Each sinner must believe in Jesus, repent of his sins, confess that Jesus is Lord, and be baptized in the water to wash away his sins, Acts 22:16.
Following Jesus is a choice. You and I stand at the fork in the road and to our right is the straight and narrow path. To our left is the broad and and wide way that leads to destruction. Many go that way and few find the way to eternal life. You may have salvation today if you will choose to follow Christ. It feels so good to know that God loves us all and offers His salvation to every sinner. And it feels so bad to believe like a Calvinist to think that hell is going to be filled by no fault of their own. They are conceived damned to hell and they stay that way, according to Calvin, because God just arbitrarily decided not to elect the majority to eternal life. And so this doctrine says the majority just pass through this life with the sentence of death they inherited and they die and then they go to hell. That’s a devilish doctrine. If you believe it, please repent and believe the Truth.
Following Christ requires no chains. Christians are voluntary servants of Jesus Christ. Involuntary service is what Calvinism is. A Calvinist who says, “No, it isn’t true, I want to follow Jesus Christ” is ignoring his own doctrine that says God is absolute and you have no choice and that whatever you do is only because God causes you to do it. Calvin’s doctrine of involuntary salvation is a false doctrine. It’s not good news. It’s terrible news and completely redefines love, faith, grace, sin, human nature, the work of Christ, and much more. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and is offered free to all men without partiality, Gal. 2:6; Ro 2:11.
God bless you. Message me if you want to know more about being saved by God’s grace.

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