The Scriptures show that the church is obliged to support the Preacher that’s serving in its midst. I would like you to read the following verse. It’s from Galatians 6:6 which says, “The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches.” Who are the two subjects here? The Taught and the Teacher, correct? And what has the Teacher given to the Taught? The word of God, correct? And what therefore is the Taught to do in return? To share all good things with the Teacher, correct? I am certain this is speaking of financial support to be given to the Teacher as this is likely the way he is making his living.

Look at another verse. It’s from 1 Cor. 9:11 which says, “If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we reap material things from you?” Now who is the We and You? It’s the Apostles (including Paul, 9:1,2) and the Corinthians, correct? And what spiritual things did the Corinthians have sown among them? It was the Gospel of Christ. And how should the Corinthians return the great favor done to them? They should sow material blessings towards the Apostles and others who preach the Gospel. How do we know that Christians should be supporting monetarily, “sharing all good things with them that teach”? Because of what else Paul says here that, “So also the Lord directed those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the gospel” (1 Cor. 9:14). So how does a Preacher get his “living” from the gospel? Easy. Those who are taught are to “share all good things” with the ones that taught them.

Truthfully, I feel embarrassed to have to resort to teaching Christians that they should be supporting the Preacher. But I don’t know that Christians understand there is a certain responsibility, if I can call it that, to make sure the Preacher is supported. Maybe “responsibility” isn’t the best word. Maybe “honor” and “love” are better words to describe the motivation. Is there a sense of obligation? Yes. But rather than reduce it to that, as Paul had to do with the Corinthians, let it be an act of love and honor to make such a return to the church so your Preacher is supporting with a living.

Said humbly,
Dan Mayfield

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