I see the signs and hear the messages that religion has nothing to do with God and God has nothing to do with religion.  But is this true? Surely we should not dismiss the “pure and undefiled religion which is to visit orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” Jas 1.  So I don’t buy into the modern dismissal of all religion. Sure, I want a “relationship” with my Heavenly Father, but I want the religion that He’s brought to us to live.

All religious folks are not pleasing to God. Paul’s words in to the Athenians are enough to establish that people can be religious, but wrong, Acts 17. So every religion is not acceptable to God. There are many religions that claim to be Christian today that I do not find in the Scriptures. I have to conclude that they too are religiously wrong.

John Dewey pointed out that, “it is probably that religions have been universal in the sense that all the peoples we know anything about have had a religion.”1

This is something I have heard before from sociological studies that man has a universal propensity to worship deity.  And with that in mind, what about Americans.  Americans are largely irreligious and few are truly committed to worshiping God in spirit and truth.  So what about them? Are they the exception to the sociological observation that all societies worship something?  I doubt it.

The gods of America are no more sophisticated than are the gods of the Aztecs and Incas. There is still human sacrifice by the millions. There is the cruelty of children by a society that has made sex casual and millions of children are coping without their mother or father’s attention.  The entertainment industry is filled with the gods and goddesses whose lives are exalted and emulated. Vast wealth streams to them by the adoring masses. America is largely a pagan nation and its not going to stand.

True religion brings love, unity, purity, kindness, respect, and like things. A nation of Christians would rebuke the pervert who wishes to undress its daughters for a television show. A nation of Christians would call for men to get to work and support the children they sired. A nation of Christians would not splinter into hundreds of denominations which are defined by their selfish interests.  A nation of Christians would be blameless.  But this godless nation hates God and is soon to reap the reward for it’s corruption.

The religions of man are doomed to fail the people who follow them. A house cannot be built on sand. A society that’s built on a philosophy that claims to be scientific, denying the obvious that God is the builder of everything, is a flawed science and will makes animals of angels. The Hollywood idols are flawed and unworthy of being followed. Nearly the whole lot of them are little more than pagans living their incestuous lives, carousing in orgies on and off the film, and their fall is going to be great.

Jesus Christ came to show us the way out of the darkness. His words and way of life are perfect. The light of Jesus’ is hated and despised by today’s most enlightened and tolerant people. This gives us a clue that Jesus is right. The sinless get crucified. The gentlest are hounded and ridiculed. The purest who only want to live in peace and godliness have to endure the insults of godless heathens.

The Darwinists are so bold to claim God is dead and yet they too are  not free from religion. No person is free from trying to explain the unseen. Even the genius in a wheelchair strains his brain to explain the existence of a “God particle” but he doesn’t understand he’s only offered a new religion.  Excuse me, but I’ll stick with Jesus Christ.

This Sunday I am talking in my sermon on the glory of Jesus Christ. He is my religion and I worship Him, as the Apostles did, with good conscience.
Dewey, John,  “A Common Faith”, 1944, p.8

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