Evolution robs the truth about the origins of creation of the supernatural and mysterious wonder that is described in the Holy Bible. The really big and awesome turns into “God did it with many stops and starts, hiccups and mistakes, 2 back and one forward, until voila!, ‘I made man in my image!'”

I believe in Almighty God. He is the only true God. The entire universe, even beyond what we can see, is His work. From the macro universe down to the universe of particles in a single atom are the handiwork of Jesus Christ. What a glorious God we have who has such wisdom to design it all with such unity and purpose.

How embarrassing it is for Christians to be duped into believing that God did it all by evolution! Evolution’s genetic mutations and natural selection are too dumb to ever climb out of the mud hole. The pitiful and duped Christians says, “But that’s just the point, God is the
power behind the mutations and selection that makes it plausible. I believe God did it be evolution.” That’s just embarrassing. That is naturalism. You adopt and syncretize the glorious message that the God of miracles miraculously made the world with the anti-God theory of Charles Darwin. Evolution is built on suppositions, not science.

John McKay, Geologist and former Atheist, teaches, “Darwin’s evolutionary theory is a tottering nonsense, built on too many suppositions and not enough evidence” and he also believes that the earth is about 6000 years old.1 Wow, 6000 years doesn’t sound like much time compared to the billions and billions of years that evolution and a big bang requires. Christian, do you not know and believe that in a moment and twinkling of the eye God is going to change you and the entire universe is going to be destroyed, instantly! The same God can with his word speak it into existence. I’m not embarrassed to believe in the resurrection of a dead body and I’m not embarrassed to believe in a man surviving days inside the belly of a great fish. And I’m not embarrassed to say God created the world and all living things in six literal days, about 6,000 years ago.

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