“The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Ps 19:1
I have 9 grandchildren and 2 more on the way. God is so good. I have the wonderful blessing that two of my grandchildren live in the same town with us and so we see them many days a week. When my Ava sees me at church, she runs and squeals, “Papa!” In the morning I often am there when little Rushie wakes. I pick him up and hold him close with his head close to mine. He’s as beautiful and wonderful as the day before. As I look at the pictures of my little darlings who live in Texas and Oklahoma, I just stare at the pictures and adore every feature. The shape of the eyes, the position of the teeth, the nose and hair and feet and everything is so beautiful and brand new every day. It’s evidence that God has been working.
The very best stuff in life is what God has crafted. On Facebook, friends posted picture of their daughters sitting outside in the warm sunshine. I think “precious souls; precious young people.” How the godly parents and grandparents must adore them. It is evidence of God. Each of us have evidence of the handiwork of God in us. His wisdom, power, and love exude through. It’s a very powerful thing God has done.
God so touched all of his creation so as to make it lovely and a delight to enjoy every day, Acts 14:17. And the reaction of God’s work is always spontaneous and good. When God created the first man, he poured into the man not only His intelligence and power, but there was the loving care and purpose of a father. Like a master woodworker who pours some of all of his being into his craft which makes the product of his hands to have value far beyond the elements themselves, so when God makes a baby, there is a beauty that’s immeasurable. It’s something of God you are seeing. The stars at night show so much about God. The powerful ocean shows the beauty and wisdom of God. Truly, “the heavens proclaim His glory”.
Can men become blind to God? Yes, they can become selfish and thinking only of themselves makes everything else to become just objects to posses and lust over. The devil, if given an open door, can blind our minds to the beauty of God in a child. The devil, if permitted, will blind the minds of the unbelieving to do what is evil, The wonderful intimacy of husband and wife by selfishness can lose its beauty as the selfish eyes lust for flesh and run to whatever gives pleasure. The very breath we have been given by God is a wonderful thing. But with selfishness, men do very bad things against the precious life God has given. They maim and murder to get what they want, James 4:1ff. They drink until the poison does irreversible damage to the body. They blindly put drugs into their bodies and carelessly get behind the wheel of an automobile, by selfishness drive down highways barely missing cars with mothers and little babies as passengers. Selfishness blinds men from seeing the glory of God. But there’s hope.
I was blind but now I see, goes the famous song. Young people are hurt, bruised and scarred by their upbringing. It was no fault of their own that they reached a certain age feeling there was no hope. All the doing was the fault of those who brought them into the world, and Jesus says, “Woe to them!” But the good news is that God loves these hopeless souls very much. God is going to be so very patient with them until something or someone (like my precious Hazel) comes into their lives which will reveal God. Yes, cutting through the lies, scars, pains, and all of the garbage of men’s lies, God will be seen. And let me tell you it will be life changing when into the darkness, the light of God’s goodness and power is seen.
When I was a sixteen year old, I sat in my room, on the bottom bunk of my bed and I contemplated, only momentarily mind you, but I contemplated suicide. I was looking around my room cluttered with posters of immoral things on the wall, including Playboy centerfolds, and into my dark and hopeless mind came the thought, “There’s something better, don’t give up.” I didn’t find that “better” until Hazel came into my world and as young parents, holding in our arms our first child, we walked forward in that little church of Christ in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Because our eyes were opened by the truth and to the truth, we have enjoyed for many years the beautiful things of God. I marvel and am inspired by God. I especially love Him for coming to the earth and letting us see His glory in Jesus Christ.
Beware the lust of money because it will blind you to true riches. Beware the temptress because she will blind us from seeing real love. Beware the temptations to run and flee and be silent if the sun isn’t shining and there’s a little rain. Beware the complacency and laziness that makes us idle. Idleness bears no fruit and sees no blessing from God. Beware the lie that God is the fault of your troubles. Only good comes from God, James 1:17. And when we have repented of idleness and selfishness, the scales will fall from our eyes, and we will see the glory of living. Then we can praise God for each day He gives to us. And here’s the beautiful part: we will be the instrument through which other poor souls will see the goodness of God.
I hope you can see God.
Said with love,
Dan Mayfield

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