Let’s face it, life has boundaries. There are always factions in the world and society that divide over where the boundaries should be, but all people agree there are boundaries.
The problem Christians are facing have to do with the changing world into a secular society that’s become disconnected from traditional biblical values. What is wrong in the Bible is right in the secular society. This is not to say there aren’t areas of agreement between secular society and Christianity, but there are very big differences that have become flash points of disagreement.
I like reading Malcolm Muggeridge who narrowed the difference between secular and Christian society in the following paragraph from
“If God is dead, somebody is going to have to take his place. It will be megalomania or erotomania, the drive for power or the drive for pleasure, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner.ā€
ā€• Malcolm Muggeridge”
Muggeridge believed correctly that once a society turns from God, as if God were dead, then society will turn to something else as guide. We see in our secular society this very thing. There is the lack of morals and ethics that’s ruining business. Power and or Sex become the driving forces and there are no boundaries. The pursuit of the Almighty Dollar is the religion and there’s no boundary.
When I say there is no boundary in the pursuits of secular society, that’s not exactly true. The secular world acts as if there were none, but secular society keeps running up against God. God has ordained that actions have consequences. If the secularists were correct that there is no God, then there would be no consequences either. But God has not freed secular man from the consequences of his actions. If he acts unfaithfully, the secular world, against all that it claims to be true, begins imposing the moral standards it claims do not exist. On one hand the secular society says “everything goes”, but everything doesn’t go, everything doesn’t work, and the secularist gets slapped back to reality that everything is not OK and life has boundaries. These mysterious, inexplicable, and pervasive laws remain in place. The secular society swims against the current of God’s will. Does it make them wake up and admit their fault? Mostly not. But only because their lusts for the immediate pleasures lead them to bargain away their future. In hope against hope, they preach their secular, values which are destructive to self, family, home, and society. As the home collapses, so the society collapses. It’s a collapse that’s predicted by God as you cannot sow evil, the unprincipled “anything goes” lifestyle, and still get good.
God is not mocked, says Paul to the Galatians. Men can act all they want as if there are no boundaries. Or society can redraw the boundaries to encompass and include their latest pursuits of power and passion. But there are God’s boundaries remaining and until secular society humbles itself to admit them, they will continue to bang their heads against the wall and will never admit why they are bruised.

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