There was an instance where the Sadducees attempted to trap Jesus into speaking sedition against the Roman government. They hoped He would speak some revolutionary or zealot language which could be used as an excuse for criminal charges. But Jesus said what stunned and silenced them. He said, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”, Mt 22:21.
From Jesus’ words I would like to ask every thoughtful Christian if they are giving to God what is God’s? We Christians give to the government. We give to the banker, to the grocer, to the county assessor, and to whomever else is owed. But do we give to God what is God’s?
The statement by Jesus supposes that we are in possession of something that is not ours and we are to give it to Him. There are things we have that belong to God and Christians must give to Him. We possess time, talents, and money. Some of our time is to be given to God because it is God’s time. Some of our talents are to be utilized for the work of God because they are God’s talents on loan to us. And from the money we possess, some is to be given to God because it is God’s.
Money. The work of spreading the Gospel is done by mouth and by traveling feet. God says, “The laborer is worthy of his wages”, Lk 10:7; 1 Tim 5:18. Jesus and Paul are telling that God’s Evangelizers are to be supported by the church. The work of Missionaries is to be supported by Christians. This support is God’s money that Christians are in possession of. “Give to God what is God’s.” Works of benevolence to feed the poor, to help widows indeed, and etc, are funded by Christians who have in their possession what is God’s. So “what is God’s give to God.”
Malachi asks, “Will a man rob God?” The people asked, “How have we robbed God?” The reply is, “in tithes and offerings.”, Mal. 3:8. A non-spiritual person clings to his every dollar and uses it all on himself. He or she does not see what belongs to God. But be sure that everything is God’s and He wants that you let some of it come back to further His work. Giving is a matter of faith and do you have the faith to give to God what is God’s? You and God alone know if you have kept back from giving what is His.
Giving is a grace. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, Acts 20:35. The Christian that gives without cheerfulness and without liberality does not believe Jesus. Paul said, “God loves a cheerful giver.” Do you give to God what is His with cheerfulness and liberality? If you cling to what is God’s, it will cling to you. But if by faith you give to God what is His, you will be blessed many ways.

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