Determination and grit are necessary ingredients to truly living the Christian life. There is nothing worthwhile in all of life that comes easy. A great family. A great name. A great commendation by Almighty God. God created us to live with gritty determination to push through the difficulties and setbacks.

Be on the alert, 

stand firm in the faith, 

act like men, 

be strong.” – 1 Cor. 16:13

Some people will turn away from you but others will stand strong by your side. And with the faith that God is working all things together for good because you love Him, how can a man help but be successful!

To all of my friends who find themselves in a challenging stage in their lives, hunker down and don’t be moved. Admit faults when you have them. Learn from your mistakes. Draw strength from the beautiful woman beside you (if you have one). And rest well tonight. Tomorrow start with a prayer and then hit the ground running.

To my friend who reads this and thinks I’m talking to him, I probably am. I’m rooting for you! Sincerely, Dan

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