Spiritual people never fall away as no amount of suffering or injustice shown them could make them leave The Lord. But weak Christians who have hidden sins they have harbored will eventually fall away. They will never blame their own doubting minds. They will never blame their lack of prayer and study of God’s Word. They will never admit they just don’t love The Lord or His church. When they fall, they will blame others, and will never, never, never take responsibility. Truth.

Years ago when we were young Christians we fell away. We blamed it on the boring preaching. The preacher himself admitted that 2/3rds of his preaching was negative. But the truth is that we were to blame because we put our own fleshly desires to sleep in on Sundays. We were not praying and studying God’s Word as we should. We were fully to blame but at the time, true to my premise, we blamed the preacher.

Be strong in the faith and be an encouragement to the rest of the church. I say this in love, Dan Mayfield

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