“Doing” the will of God is what is required to be saved. The time Jesus’ family came to see Him but could not get close because of the crowd, Jesus told the people, “My Mother and my Brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”, Lk 8:21. 

A lot of denominational folks will talk about salvation in general terms as “accepting” or “receiving”, or they may even allow the need for the sinner to believe and say a sinner’s prayer. But they do not believe you must “do” anything to be saved. But it is Jesus’ words that contradict them. The one that does not do the word of God will not be in His family. It is not hearers of the Gospel who are saved, but it is doers who will be saved, 2 Thess 1:8.

If a person thinks he is saved when all he has done is believe, he has been taught and believes a lie. Who is the foolish and wise man, Mt 7:24ff? Is it not the one who hears His words and acts upon them? Who is the one who loves Jesus, Jn 14:15? Is it not the one who shows his love by obeying Jesus? Is belief without works enough to save a man, Jn 14:42,43? No it is not because belief without doing what you have heard is an incomplete faith. The scriptures show clearly that faith alone is not enough to gain entrance into Jesus’ family, Jas 2:14-26.

Remember that we are not justified by our works; that is, not by putting out faith in our works. But we are justified by faith in the working of God; that is, when we have an obedient faith that trust God will save, Col 2:12,13; Rom 1:5; 16:26.

Do you believe God is one and that He is to be loved with all your heart? Then show your love and He will be pleased. God is not interested in the lipservice which many give to Him, Mt 15:7-9. Do you believe you are to love your neighbor as you love yourself? If so, be careful that you don’t discriminate against those God would readily accept into the church, Jas 2:1ff; Gal 2:12. Lk 15:6,7.

To be saved we must do the will of God. Our mission is to wash feet and go into the highways and byways and carry our crosses for Jesus. Do it or you cannot be Jesus Brother. I say this in love and respect. – Dan Mayfield

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