The story is that the little boy died and went to heaven. The parents helped him write a book about what he saw when he was like 4 years old. Now everyone believes the book is awesome and talks about how much it will build your faith.

Really? Will it build my faith more than the Word of God? I don’t think so. So the way I look at it is that those whose faith is built up by a bizarre and fanciful story by a little boy don’t come to the book already having the faith they ought to have if they are claiming to be Christian. I feel kind of bad for people who have their faith built up by a book that isn’t inspired by God. I suppose the Bible isn’t enough for them.
People will believe what they want. I always hear these stories that people tell of being an important person in a previous life. That’s not Christian, of course. But these aren’t Christian who are making such claims. “I was Abraham Lincoln’s chief of staff in a past life.” “Oh yeh, I was Marie Antoinette in a previous life.” “Oh yeh, well in a past life I was the Duke of Marlboro but I died of cancer.” I don’t believe any of this. You never hear someone say, “In a previous life I was peasant who was so poor that I didn’t even have a name.” Or, “In a past life, I was a toilet bowl cleaner.” You never hear about that. It’s always something glamorous and important.

This brings me back to the book by the little boy. These stories are always about a person who saw a bright light and then they saw Jesus. Why do they always go to see Jesus? Why was it warm and comforting? Why is there always the suggestion that they went to heaven and then got sent back to finish some mission? What I read in the Bible tells me that the majority of these death experiences ought to be terror, the terror of judgment and hell before getting brought back. But nope, that’s not the case. I know people will say that there are some who say they went to hell. But not the majority.
I have heard surveys that show the majority of people believe they are good people and they are going to heaven. The Bible says the minority, the few are going to heaven. So maybe the reason the majority of the death experiences are glorious and heavenly experiences is because it’s their own mind at work during the dying.

People will say, “I was in heaven for 40 minutes.” First off, you may have been pronounced dead for forty minutes, but that doesn’t mean you were in heaven for forty minutes. And second, have you ever had a dream that seemed like forty minutes? Sometimes you will have a dream that seems incredibly long but you know because of certain facts that the entire sequence couldn’t have lasted for more than minutes. I have had a dream where I was hearing a noise and my dream was centered around the noise. Then after a period of dream time, I began to understand that the alarm clock was ringing. I knew the dream seemed like a long period of time but it was the power of the mind to create a story in a short period of time.

I believe the Apostle John saw a glimpse into heaven. I believe Daniel and Ezekiel and the Apostle Paul saw unspeakable things. But I do not believe this little 4 yr old boy saw anything but what was in his imagination. Would God be part of something that is clearly teaching denominational error? Would God give such a visitation to a person and then have them turn around to make millions of dollars from a book and movie? I might would believe their sincerely, at the least, if they were giving away ALL of the money to foreign missions. This smacks of materialism in my estimation. It cost 12 million to make and so far has make 91 million dollars. T.D. Jakes was one of the Producers. He’s denominational and teaches error on salvation. I am not against entertainment, but I have a fairly strong will against going to see movies that seem to directly contradict the Scriptures. I haven’t gone to see Noah because the story makes Noah a nutcase. The upcoming movie about Moses I won’t go see because the actor publicly said Moses was schizophrenic and mentally ill. And I can’t believe that a book that teaches denominational error can have anything to do with God.
I believe the boy is a boy given to high imagination which has been encouraged by his denominational preacher father. I don’t believe you were Eleanor Roosevelt in a past life and I don’t believe people are going to heaven and coming back. And my faith is rooted in the Gospel of Christ. If anyone needs a man’s book of fiction to strengthen his faith then something is wrong.
Just telling the truth. Respectfully, Dan

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