DOGS DONT GO TO HEAVEN, unless dogs have a soul.

Do dogs have a soul? Do they have something in their makeup that lives beyond the grave?

Many have pointed out how dogs love. But is it the godly love or selfish? Is it Agape love? Or is it instinct? Animal lovers assign human emotions and attributes to their pets. They act as if their pet it one in a trillion, an individual, with a soul that will live beyond this life. Dogs and cats are creatures of instinct. Without any conscience, the dog will serve a scoundrel as quickly as he would serve a saint. Where is the conscience; where is the judgment? And he, if hungry or excited, might eat the face off a child and then if spoken to pleasantly, will come wagging his tail.

Man is made different than all other creatures. Man alone is made in God’s image. It means that man has a soul that will “return to God who gave it”, Eccl 12. Cows, cats, and dogs don’t have this substance.
We know that heaven is paradise restored. And maybe there will be beast there as in the original paradise. But the dog here does not have an immortal soul and so our little pets have nothing in them that looks to heaven. Pets have nothing of the substance to go from here to there. Dogs do not go to heaven, but men who act like dogs will go to hell, for sure. Philippians 3:2; Rev 22:15.

It seems to me, and this is my opinion, that we should care less if dogs go to heaven and much much more about what we know about the souls of men.

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