Someone said, “A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning”. I would say it is a story from real life that has a spiritual meaning.
Jesus often spoke in parables. And often times Jesus found it necessary to explain the parables. Jesus’ own disciples asked Him why he spoke to the people in parables? Jesus gave his answer in Mt 13:10-17 which I will sum up as meaning, He did it to teach truth to seekers and to weed out those who aren’t.
If we aren’t willing to try a little harder to understand the Scriptures (for example, did you look up that Matthew passage I referenced above to see if my summation correct), then we are going to miss the message. Don’t miss the message.
Parables are filled with beautiful messages. And Jesus spoke them for us to learn important things. If we glaze over with the parables, we pass up the chance for spiritual growth. Read the Bible and then study the Bible. God has a beautiful message just for you. Sincerely yours, Dan

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