QUESTION: what is the key word in Ezra chapter 2?
“Children” or “sons”, depending on the translation.   They are the descendants of Israel who had accepted the call to leave Persia and return to Jerusalem and Judah. That 42,000 plus servants would pack up and leave is actually a testimony of their faith. Here is how chapter 2 begins….

“The number of the men of the people of Israel: the sons of Parosh, 2,172; the sons of Shephatiah, 372; the sons of Arah, 775; the sons of Pahath-moab of the sons of Jeshua and Joab, 2,812….”  – Ezra 2:3ff

The listing of the sons continues through the entire chapter. But I want to focus on the number as it relates to faithfulness.  The sons are returning to the faith of their fathers that they might be the children of God.  I wonder how many of us fathers and mothers will have such a number of descendants who follow the LORD? I have five children who follow the LORD. My children are married to faithful Christians and they are therefore my children.  My children have given me eleven grandchildren and they are my children. My grandchildren are learning to walk with the LORD. I have taught my children to raise these eleven to be faithful to the LORD. And my children are teaching their children to teach their children to be faithful to the LORD. How many children of Dan will there be in a hundred years? Are we living our faith and raising our children to live by faith so that our children’s children will desire to serve only Him?

Pray about this. – Dan Mayfield

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