“Our love is equal”. These are the words of someone celebrating the decision by the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. It is not equal. Just as all “love” is not equal, so this gay “love” is not equal. There is no real comparison between union between a man and woman. They are complimentary. The man and woman bring unique talents to the union which a “union” of two men or the “union” of two women can’t possibly bring.

The Supreme Court just blew up the rational view of marriage. In a recent post of a video showing why the traditional, biblical, and moral view of marriage should be policy for government and the author showed why on philosophical grounds.

In the video I posted showing on philosophical grounds the superiority of marriage between man and woman, the author/speaker pointed to statistics showing that a marriage between two men has exaggerated levels of promiscuous sex outside of the “union”. It is men who tend to be promiscuous. This tendency is doubled in a gay “union”. Similarly, women tend to be more emotional and needy for attention (don’t get offended, we are only talking about the truth) and in a lesbian “union” it is accentuated. The author/speaker in said video points out what I didn’t know and what isn’t talked much about that lesbian couples have the highest rate of divorce. The point is that the stability that’s needed in marriage and home is broken down in the “union” of gays and lesbians.

God is going to judge the godless politicians and judges for their ungodly decisions.

“Love wins” is the announcement by iHeart radio in celebrating the decision by the court. I can assure you that with this win, someone is losing. Churches will lose when they preach against homosexuality and the sin of gay marriage. Businesses refusing to support or participate in gay marriages on the basis of conscience will lose. Children who are placed in gay and lesbian relationships will lose because they will have no right to be with and know their biological parents.

You can be sure that the whole story is not being told. The sin of homosexuality has vast, seedy underbelly that isn’t pretty. The rainbow is the image and the public pronouncements aside, it’s immoral and it will be judged. STAND FIRM AND DO NOT YIELD FOR A SECOND.

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