The book of Nehemiah tells of the building of the wall around Jerusalem. This was done day and night under great fear because of opposition by the Samaritan, Sanballat and Tobiah. Nehemiah knew the dangers of these two who would thwart God’s plan at every step. Nehemiah would not join hands with them.

But there are other covenant people who always think they know better. They think unity and love means compromise with others who hold different opinions. After Nehemiah built the wall and returned to serve his Persian king, he returned to Jerusalem again to see the spiritual condition of the people. What did he find? He found the Eliashib the Priest had allowed Tobiah to have a room in the temple and that Eliashib’s son, Joiada, had married Sanballat’s daughter. What a corruption by this Eliashib. Nehemiah cleansed the temple, similar to the way that Jesus cleansed the temple.

The spirit of compromise will destroy the church. Men like Eliashib are alive and well and they must be opposed. They will have the enemies of the Truth preaching in the pulpits to defile the church.

The cries today against the Nehemiah’s who strive to keep the church pure and who have the courage to oppose compromise are coming from those who would make room for Tobiah and Sanballat in the house of God. If a man doesn’t have the stomach to oppose the compromisers, he shouldn’t be a preacher or leader in the church.

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