Because each and every man is made in God’s image, he or she is unique in all the universe and has intrinsic value.

But if there is no God, then the value of each man is only what men determine the value to be. If men decide that value is based on sex, or on beauty, or on a trade or special skill, on usefulness or costs to society, or on something else arbitrary, then it is not unethical to destroy the lives that aren’t deemed worthy.

With so many babies already in the world, murdering tens of millions isn’t unethical. We have plenty, so who cares. When the elderly outlive their usefulness and due to sickness they are a burden, then killing them by helping them commit suicide is not an ethical wrong. Teens are committing suicide at alarming rates and why not when they have been told how little value are their lives. They are told they are meaningless in the big scheme of things and that they have no intrinsic value beyond this physical world, and so why not kill yourself.

This godless value system is infused in the culture. The godless man is making all of the rules. He decides what is ethical. Business ethics and medical ethics are not determined by God, but by humanistic man who has no knowledge beyond his own desires. And so business and medicine is in trouble. The society is in trouble. A godless society with godless values is a danger to life.

I’m Christian. My values come from God who made me in His image. Knowing the value of Jesus Christ and that God would give Him to redeem my would lets me know how much He values my soul. My life has value to God that He would send His only begotten Son to take my sins upon Himself. Jesus was crucified by godless men and the Father allowed that life of Christ to be the atonement for my sins. In God’s justice, my life is shown to have value. Your life has value. God loves you. Jesus loves you.

Please make sure that your values are from God and not from man.

I say this humbly, Dan Mayfield

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