Something on my heart….
Besides going to heaven there is hardly anything more important to me than seeing my children and all of my grandchildren go to heaven.

My wife and i raised our children in such a way that they knew they were to grow up and be devoted to Jesus Christ. All five of them received the same attention and we always took care to be an example of a true Christian. Today they are all strong Christians.

I want my five children and their spouses – who I love as my very own children – to start early in training their little ones in the way to go.  This is to me a constant thought and prayer.  My grandchildren must be raised up in a particular way that they become teens who are always drawing closer to being a Christian.  

If you find yourself with a rebel teen,  you will  have created this somewhere in their upbringing. That’s right, don’t excuse yourself from responsibility. If your teen is drinking and doing drugs,  you have not taught them to do otherwise.  If your teen is already having sex,  you have not taught them.  If your teens are closer to their peers than they are to you,  you have not taught them. The parent of a rebellious teen will find this truth hard to accept. They will say, “We did tell our children not to do drugs.”  Did you? My children knew that it would be the worst day in their life they did.

You may not believe it,  but it’s true.  I will speak to parents of young children. Does your young child heed or ignore your voice?  Does your young child hit you and scream at you while you allow and justify it? Will he really grow out of it? When such things are not addressed by you in such a way so as to put a halt to them,  you allow the mold to set for a rebel teen.  Most parents today are molding such children.  The truth is that worldly minded parents will raise worldly minded children.  They can do nothing better. Knowing the value of a child to God, my heart is always thinking about my grandchildren. I pray that their parents will give the same or greater attention  to training their children to go the right way.

I hope that all who would read this would not become defensive.  But the guilty don’t usually change and admit their fault.  What must be heavy on your heart is that your children teach their children so that they want to be a Christian.  This must be a primary focus of life.  Please children of mine,  bring my grandchildren to the Lord.

– Dad

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  1. Amen brother, I think that every parent needs to know that.
    Kind regards Paul


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