Jesus said to the paralytic, “your sins are forgiven”. When Jesus did this, the Scribes began to balk so that Jesus said, “the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins ” Mk 2:10. 

Let’s talk about forgiveness. Who can forgive sins? I’m the only one who can forgive the person who has sinned against me. If someone sins against me and then repents, I MUST forgive him or else I commit a sin against God, Mt 6:12-15; Lk 17:1-4. 
Now here’s the thing. Only God can forgive the sins committed against Him. Since everyone has sinned against God, He is the only one who can forgive the soul who has sinned against Him. Everyone must repent of the sins they have personally committed against God if they wish to be forgiven. 
Why is this important? The paralytic was forgiven by Jesus for sins he committed against God. Therefore Jesus is God. Understand that this is what Jesus was saying. The Scribes understood the implication of Jesus’ words as they said, “who can forgive sins but God alone?” (2:6-7). If they had thought Jesus was merely forgiving the man for a personal slight one man commits against another man, they would not have had a problem. 
The Scribes perfectly understood that Jesus was saying He forgave the man’s sins committed against God. Only God forgives the sins committed against Himself. 
Therefore Jesus is God. Be encouraged to know that Jesus is your God.

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