“It’s a great mercy to hear the Gospel. It’s a good things to hear it in verbal, propositional firm. It’s not a privilege everyone has. And the mystery of God’s sovereignty, it’s given to some, it’s kept from others. Righteously so.”

Kenneth Stewart is saying it is righteous that God has elected that some don’t get to hear the Gospel. I enjoy hearing Mr. Stewart, from time to time, but when he preaches his Calvinistic Reformed Theology, then is when he departs from his usual systematic approach to the Scriptures.

The Calvinist says understanding is “righteously” withheld, but then goes on to fault the person who rejects the Gospel. The Calvinists has already said the hearing and believing is righteously withheld by God’s sovereign choice. But then he appeals to the person who says he believes, but isn’t fully embracing or is trying to embrace God and the world, the Calvinist goes on to say what the person must do, has to do, needs to do to have a saving faith.

This is Calvinism, which is not Christianity. Why isn’t the Calvinist consistent, saying to such a person, “You aren’t embracing it because you are ‘righteously so’ withheld from doing so”?
Calvinism is a muddled mess, and it really comes out when he speaks on saving faith.

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