I want you to know you are all of the good things of God wrapped up in one cute little package. To me, you are sunshine with a cool breeze. You are the shade I run to in the hot summer. You are the formidable warrior standing by my side when I must fight. Your soul is so knit together with God in prayer and minute by minute devotion to Him that I think woe to the person who thinks to harm your man and family. When I must travel, you begin packing your bags. By the wisdom God has given you, you know my needs and are already praying for them before I even know them. You care for my every need and never stop thinking about how to satisfy your husband. You always have done me good and have never, not once in over 37 years of marriage, done anything to harm me. But your strength and extent of your love is without limit because you have enough to shower on all of your children, and their spouses, and upon our 12 grandchildren – not to mention for the brothers and sisters in the family of God. And yes, thank God, you have your own mind that refuses to be silent when I’m on the wrong course. You have given me more than I have given you. I cannot out give the one who has rescued me, served me, and given me wealth beyond measure in my family and life. You are my Eve who never asked me to do wrong. With all the godly attributes you have, another person would be in danger of pride and a fall. But not you. Faithful and true and lovable are you, my sweet Hazel.

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