“He earned his love through discipline… a thundering velvet hand.” “Leader of the Band”, Dan Fogelberg
I heard of an Elder who explained a key to raising children to follow the Lord. He said you must establish authority early and the children will not rebel.
This may be the very best explanation for why many of our children are not following the Lord. They aren’t reading their Bibles, they are not praying, they are disinterested in God, because they don’t even respect their parents’ authority. At home they rebel. At home the permissive parenting style has fostered a rebellion against all authority including God’s. For this I am deeply saddened.
I have to confess that only with God filling in the gaps for my shortcomings as a parent, by my establishing authority with my children, while always trying to have that “thundering velvet hand”, my children are following the Lord today. For this I am eternally grateful to God.
Kristin Gates and Kevin, Priscilla Wayland and Josh, Heidi Cooley and Gregg, Autumn O’Quin and Blake O’QuinDaniel Mayfield and Miranda Mayfield this is my message of love to you. Mom and I love you mucho gusto.

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