Yesterday I was listening to the Proverbs and this verse jumped out at me: “It is a trap for a person to declare quickly, ‘This is sacred,’ and only later to have second thoughts about the vows.” Pro. 20:25.
This brought to my mind the Joshua 9 instance of the Gibeonites being accepted by Joshua and the Leaders of Israel because it says, “they did not ask counsel of the Lord.” Josh.9:14. They vowed too quickly and regretted it.
It also reminds me of Paul’s words to Timothy not to lay hands on anyone – acceptance is implied – too quickly lest you be participant in their sins, 1 Tim 5:22. When we give our approval too quickly without seeking God’s wisdom, we risk giving our acceptance to those who may even be wolves in sheep’s clothing.
When Elders and others are making big decisions about acceptance, we must be reminded to not act without God’s blessing. These matters usually require making judgments about people and between people. We need God’s wisdom lest we have to admit later it was a mistake.
I feel pressured all the time to accept lifestyle choices and peoples’ decisions. These are serious matters which call for us to seek God’s counsel.

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