Those are the words of Paul to the Ephesians to wisely redeem the time, redeem it from slavery to futility, buy it back and make it to be used for God, because the days are evil. Snatch the minutes and hours in this day out of the jaws of death and make them to be time for eternal things.
When we sleep until 10 or 11, time can’t be redeemed. When we spend all of our time in recreation and games, the time it spent and lost their value for eternal good. When we waste our time God has given, we become poor stewards of the precious gift God has given. Instead, make the decision that some time today will be used by me and you to eternal matters.
The days are evil, says Paul. The minutes, hours, and days are pretty much devoted to the works of darkness. Look around you and see that pretty much everyone’s time is flittered away for useless things. God will say to most people, “what did you do with the time I gave to you?” And the people will be silent. They will spend eternity, unending time, with a deep sense of regret that minutes and hours were not redeemed and give to the cause of Christ.
Time is right this moment. Yesterday time is spent and history. Tomorrow time doesn’t exist. The only time you or I have is this moment. And so at this moment we must let the momentary breath, the moment beating heart of life, and the next thought must be devoted to God. At this second, will you determine that it will be redeemed and put into God’s service? If God gives you the next 24 hours, will you be able to look back and rejoice that an opportunity here and there were clearly devoted to the eternal things of God?
God bless you.

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