‘Yet the Roman Catholic Bishop Hay, in defiance of every principle of God’s Word, does not hesitate to pen the following: ‘Question: What becomes of young children who die without baptism? Answer: If a young child were put to death for the sake of Christ, this would be to it the baptism of blood, and carry it to heaven; but except in this case, as such infants are incapable of having the desire of baptism, with the other necessary dispositions, if they are not actually baptised with water, they cannot go to Heaven.’36″ – Devil’s Door (not yet printed)

It is the doctrine of original sin, which in error many churches teach, that leads them to conclude
infants die and go to hell. It is a gross error that is taught and deserves to be refuted.

Only if the church can correct the misconception that children are born with sin, are sinful, and that they selfishly commit sin, only then can the truth be advanced that it is men and women, like Adam and Eve who were full grown and in control of their faculties, it is such as these who commit sin and are lost due to their own sins.

A baby is at a serious disadvantage in every way that it cannot be just to judge them as sinners. Knowing truth and choosing by free will is not in their tool box. It is inconceivable that any just judge would pronounce upon such a weak and frail creature any guilt with the sentence of death. We must conclude that God does not view the the thoughts or the actions of a little child as anything like sin. It is not merely that they are in a state of grace, but they are pure as the first man prior to his disobedience.

Jesus taught that children are innocent and that that innocence is the model for adults who wish to be saved.  “Unless you are converted and become as children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Mt 18:3.

So let us forget about pinning on anyone the sentence of original sin. Instead, it is the sins which men commit, being full grown like Adam, that is to be repented of for salvation.

Remember how the spiritual death Adam received spread to all men was by all men sinning, Rom. 5:12.

Sisman was right. Babies do not go to hell.  Their innocence demands that they don’t need salvation as they are already saved. Only when children reach the age where free will and knowledge conflicts with God’s will does this child need baptism for the sin to be forgiven.

Please pray about this.

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