Unless you live in a vacuum, with no follow questions from others, telling a lie will require another lie. And when you tell the next lie, you better keep the story exactly the same. But it won’t be the same. Because the questioner will for more details. Time? Place? How long? Why? What was said? How many times? How did you feel? And when the questions come, don’t get upset or you will give up the lie. Remember, liar, you have to pretend it’s all facts. You are just telling fact, as they relate to reality, relate to what happened in real space and time. So don’t get upset with the questions. But you know the questions are coming from people who smell something funny and they only want to get the full picture and see it make sense. So just stay calm, liar, and calmly make up more lies. But remember, and maybe you want to
record yourself, you have to keep track of all of these “facts” you are making up on the fly.
The Bible says to lay aside all deceit. It says do not lie, 1 Pt 2:1; Col 3:9.
The problem with a lie is that it’s just a thought inside your own head. You made up something that isn’t real. There are no pictures. No witnesses. No video. There’s no real life events influenced by it. It’s just a made up story in your own head. And you have to keep that story straight.
Let me tell you liars a little secret. You think you have most people fooled. But you don’t. Most people have practically no respect for anything you say. They wouldn’t put any weight on what you say. They talk about you. It gets really hard. If you are a liar, it gets very hard to keep these stories straight and the logical minds around you see you are a deceiver. If they aren’t angry with you, they feel incredible pitty for the pathetic way you are living your life.
So here’s what you do. Repent of this lying. Do not open your mouth unless you are going to give the straight story. Start building your life on Truth. Read the Bible and God will give you some help.
Remember, the little lie you tell this morning is eventually going to be found out. And when you are marked as a liar in by another person, you will never be taken seriously. And here’s something else. If you are ever falsely accused of doing something, and you very righteously deny any responsibility, there won’t be a person who believes your innocence. Pretty scary to think about, isn’t it?
So repent of your deceitful life. Be honest. Follow Jesus. Tell the truth in love. Said in love.

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