If preaching is saying more than reading the Bible, why isn’t it adding to the Bible? Because to correctly explain the Bible is not adding to God’s Word.
“and they read in the book, in the law of God, explaining — so as to give the meaning, and they give understanding to the convocation.” Neh. 8:8
As Philip explained the Scriptures to the Ethiopian Eunuch without adding to God’s Word, so Ezra and the faithful leaders faithfully explained the Word of God.
Paul says to Timothy, “Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching.” 1 Tim. 4:13. Notice that exhortation and teaching are in addition to the reading of the Scriptures.
Faithful preachers and teachers of the Bible are always aware that this work comes with a stricter judgment. If all preaching and teaching was only the reading of Scripture, without expounding, illustrating, applying, then there would be no danger. But the teacher of God’s Word must be careful that the illustrations, applications, exogeting is accurate to what the Bible says.
When a preacher is saying something that doesn’t sound like Scripture, question him. He may have simply mispoke and it can be easily corrected. May God bless the faithful preachers and teachers.

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