THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND DARWIN – Darwin’s Burial. Charles Robert Darwin died on April 19, 1882 at around 4:00 in the afternoon at his home in Kent. His funeral was held on April 26 on a Wednesday at Westminster Abbey. It was attended by scientists, philosophers, naturalists, admirals, and dignitaries of all sorts.”
“Darwin, truly a humble agnostic, was very much admired, and his theory accepted by many in the church including, Harvey Goodwin, the bishop of Carlisle, who on the Sunday following Darwin’s funeral in a sermon preached in the abbey, said: ‘It would have been unfortunate if anything had occurred to give weight and currency to the foolish notion which some have diligently propagated, but for which Mr Darwin was not responsible, that there is a necessary conflict between a knowledge of Nature and a belief in God….'”1
The agnostic Darwin did all he could to convince the world that the life came by chance, physical, chemical processes — without God. And the Anglicans lift the man up with honor. It tells more than some want to admit about the Church of England.

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